Beware of Ancient STD’s

When he was 13, Billy E. Chatman Jr. contracted an STD all because he was doing things and going places that he had no business going. It was the worst thing that a 13 year old could ever experience. He will never forget this experience as long as he lives.

Three days after going into the red light district, Billy began to feel a burning sensation and he had to figure out how he is going to tell his mom and dad that it hurts and burns when he uses the restroom. Years later, he discovered after going into ministry that contracting an STD is similar to what happens when people come in contact with demonic spirits but instead of it being a physical relationship it is all spiritual.

Billy understands what the Bible was saying when it said we must guard our eye gates and ear gates because those are the gateways to our soul. Many believers as well as unbelievers have opened themselves up to demonic activity and has allowed Satan and his demonic forces to penetrate their souls. Why are the saints sleeping with the enemy?

This book will identify the ancient spirits of this world that continue to attack the saints in the 21st century. This book will also teach you how to close demonic portals that you have no idea were open in your life. Go with me on a journey of spiritual warfare and defeating the demonic forces that are attacking you and your families.